React Native Engineer

Job Type
Employment Type
Full Time
Functional Expertise
Development, Engineering
Salary Type
USD $80,000.00

Job Description

Picture this: you’re be a key player in crafting top-tier user interfaces, optimising digital wallet functionalities, and guiding the team towards excellence. If you're ready to make a significant impact in a dynamic environment, this opportunity is for you. We're seeking a Senior React Native Engineer with 4+ years of expertise, specialising in React Native and React.js to join our client's team. 


Sounds good? Read on… 


We are looking for an experienced Senior React Native Engineer to go beyond the screen! You won't just be coding, you'll be building the future of how our clients interact in the metaverse!


Our client based in Barcelona, Spain creates Digital Identity and Metaverse solutions for individuals, businesses, and developers. They operate as a technological startup that develops a decentralised social metaverse framework that innovates how humans interact in a digital space.


What’s in it for you? 

  • Competitive salary and regular reviews.

  • Opportunities for career growth in a dynamic environment.

  • Collaborative team environment fostering continuous innovation.

  • Contribution to cutting-edge projects in the fintech space.

  • A chance to work with the latest technologies in React Native and blockchain.

  • Bonus: between 30% - 15% of TC, so the bonus is included in the total compensation.

More about the client and the role 

  • Our client focuses on developing digital identity and metaverse solutions.

  • Designing and developing new features, and optimising the digital wallet platform for enhanced user experiences.

  • Champion React Native, TypeScript, JavaScript, and CSS expertise, ensuring cutting-edge solutions.

  • Actively contribute to software design, bringing technical insights and innovative ideas to the table.

  • Collaborating seamlessly with cross-functional teams for efficient project execution in a dynamic environment.

  • Staying abreast of industry trends, incorporating the latest in React Native and related technologies.

  • Upholding code quality, maintainability, and performance through adherence to coding standards and regular code reviews.

  • Troubleshooting, diagnosing, and resolving software issues promptly, offering robust solutions.

  • Contributing to documentation for codebase maintenance, user manuals, and developer guidelines.

  • Engaging in team discussions, and providing feedback to enhance application reliability, performance, and usability.

  • Participating in continuous integration and continuous delivery (CI/CD) processes for smooth deployment. 

Who are we looking for? 

  • 4+ years of frontend development expertise, specialising in React Native and React.js.

  • Must be based in Barcelona, Spain, this is an OFFICE BASED ROLE
  • Proficiency in UI development for Android and iOS platforms.

  • Skills in integrating with REST APIs and Web Services.

  • Familiarity with fintech solutions, payment systems, and Two-Factor Authentication.

  • Hard skills in React Native, React.js, JavaScript/Typescript, Node.js, CSS, and Git.

  • Basic understanding of blockchain technology, Ethereum blockchain, and smart contracts.

Priority Crypto 

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